Monumenta Germaniae Historica (BREPOLiS)

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Description Monumenta Germaniae Historica (eMGH) was prepared in-house by a Brepols Publishers team – particularly, Roel Vander Plaetse – assisted by the CTLO* under the direction of Professor Paul Tombeur. The user will recognize clear similarities between eMGH and CTL's Library of Latin Texts, which is the model on which eMGH has been based: the initial analysis as well as the quality control of the data were carried out on the same principles, the general approach and the various search possibilities are the same, and the interface used - available in English, German, French and Italian - is identical. This has the undeniable advantage of allowing students and scholars to use a tool of a single type, functioning on the same principles, for investigating documents of different genres.
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