Database of Chinese great leap forward & great famine, 1958-1962 = 中國大躍進-大饑荒數據庫, 1958-1962

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Description Please note this database is located on a DVD-rom at the Music & Media Desk

This database contains more than 7,000 documents of CCP directives, bulletins, internal reports, officials' speeches, and major media commentaries with detailed citations, and covers a larger context of the Great Leap Forward and the Great Famine with inclusion of documents on such policies and campaigns as the state monopoly on grain purchase and marketing, the Collectivization of Agriculture, the Campaign to Eliminate Counterrevolutionaries, the Great Debate on "Red and Expert," the "Dual-Antis" Campaign, the Campaign to "Open One's Heart to the Party," and the Campaign to "Pull Out White Flags and Erect Red Flags."

Subjects Pacific and Asian, Primary Source
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