Database Titles beginning with G

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Gale Case Studies: Intersectional LGBTQ Issues  
Gale Literary Databases (Gale) 
Gale Virtual Reference Library - eReference 
Gale's Literary Index 
GALLOP Portal  
GEM Online: Global Economic Monitor 
GenBank (NIH) 
General Science Index (EBSCO H.W Wilson) 
Geobase (Engineering Village) 
Geological Society of America Journals (GSA) 
GeoRef (EBSCO) 
GEOSCAN Database 
Global Arbitration Review Online (GAR) 
Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration and Cultural Exchange (Adam Matthew Digital) 
Global Financial Development (Data Catalog) 
Global Index Medicus - World Health Organization (WHO) Open Access
Global NewsBank 
Global Terrorism Database 
Globe and Mail (1844-4 years ago)(Proquest Historical Newspapers) 
Globe and Mail: ProQuest Historical Newspapers: (1844-4 years ago) 
Glossary of Geology (American Geosciences Institute) 
Google Book Search 
Google News Archives 
Google Scholar 
Government of Canada Publications 
Grand Robert Online 
Grant Connect Delta 
Graphic Novels Core Collection (EBSCO H.W. Wilson) 
Grove Art Online 
Grove Music Online 
Guide to Law Online (Library of Congress)