Gale Case Studies: Intersectional LGBTQ Issues

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Description Gale Case Studies incorporates a user-friendly design that allows faculty, and students to evaluate the case studies through brief introductions on the home page and on the case study page, through which users can quickly find the correct case study for their needs. In addition, each primary source is annotated with a brief description to allow users looking for additional content a quick way to evaluate these sources. A tabular design allows for each section (case study, primary sources, discussion questions) to be easily located and used in a logical flow.

Intersectional LGBTQ Issues offers a closer look into the history of LGBTQ people and activism into the twenty-first century. It provides insight into both direct-action efforts such as ACT UP’s demonstration at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, as well as local activism aimed at reversing problematic policies such the anti-crossdressing laws and the lack of documentation on violence against LGBTQ people. Paired with other teaching materials, including documentaries about ACT UP and coverage of their actions in mainstream news sources, these primary sources reveal what the other sources cannot—the careful planning of the activism and responses to it that reveal its impact on the cultural debates about LGBTQ issues. Importantly, the case studies can be contextualized in the history of LGBTQ activism, including the Compton Cafeteria Riots and Stonewall, both in reaction to police harassment and application of similar laws.

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