MINT GLOBAL (ORBIS as of 2020) (Bureau Van Dijk)

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Description Mint Global contains comprehensive information on companies worldwide. It's the Orbis database streamlined for end users and for company-wide desktop access. You can use it to research individual companies, search for companies with specific profiles, to analyse a group of companies and to export relevant company data. Mint Global is being phased in 2020. You will have access to Mint products until the end of your current subscription, but it will be removed from the next subscription. This should not be any cause for concern, because the data in Mint and Orbis is identical; they are simply two different platforms for user preference. Mint was originally created as a more user-friendly interface to complement Orbis, but since there has been a new Orbis interface developed, there is no longer a need for Mint. This will not affect your pricing at all, due to its data overlap with Orbis.
Subjects Business, Economics
Publisher Bureau Van Dijk
Subscription Subscription
Alumni Access No
Open Access No