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Description Usito fills the gaps of French dictionaries (designed by and for Europeans) by presenting a description of the world in which the North American Quebeckers and other francophone can identify culturally and linguistically.

Designed entirely in Quebec, Usito is the first electronic dictionary to describe the standard French used in Quebec, while bridging with the rest of the Francophone community. It offers content over North America and the world. Usito is the only one to offer such a detailed description of the world that Quebecois and other French-speaking North Americans can relate to.

Usito is a living dictionary which grows each day. Current collaborations include Canada, Belgium and Switzerland.

Words with a specific Canadian usage are marked "Q/C" (for Quebec / Canada) and words with a specific European usage are marked F/E (for France / Europe). Words with no markings have the same usage/meaning both sides of the Atlantic.

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Subjects Canadian Studies, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, French
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