Mass Observation Online Part I, II, III, and IV 1937-1967 (Adam Matthew Digital)

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Description Mass Observation Online offers revolutionary access to one of the most important archives for the study of Social History in the modern era. The material covers:
The end of the ‘Hungry Thirties’ when the impact of the Depression was still being felt;
The onset of war, the Blitz and war on the home front;
The post war world, with the rise of consumerism and television.
The archive has always been immensely popular with students because it offers immediate and engaging evidence of major trends such as the increasing role of women in work, the birth of the welfare state, anti-Semitism and anti-communism, the growth of secularism and the increasing importance of radio, television and cinema in people’s lives. Through interviews, overheard conversations, directive responses and diary entries it offers brilliant cameos describing life in the jazz halls, what people thought of the movies they saw, how people survived the random terror of the Blitz, and where they lived and worked.

UVic has access to:

Mass Observation Online
• Complete File Reports, Day Surveys, Publications and the Worktown photographs
• Diaries, 1939-1940
• Directives, 1939-1940
• Seven Topic Collections: Famous Persons; Household Matters; Juvenile Delinquency; Korea; Peace and the Public; Radio Listening; World Outlook

Mass Observation I
• Diaries, 1941-1942
• Directives, 1942 (none made in 1941)
• Six Topic Collections: Capital Punishment Survey, Dreams, Films, Reading Habits, Religion, Victory Celebrations

Mass Observation II
• Diaries, 1943-1945
• Directives, 1943-1945
• Five Topic Collections: Drinking Habits, Gambling, Posters, Smoking Habits, Britain Can Make it Exhibition
• The complete Worktown Collection

Mass Observation III
• Diaries, 1946-1950
• Directives, 1946-1947
• Thirty Topic Collections

Mass Observation IV
• Diaries, 1951-1967. A run of diaries up to the end of 1967, allowing users to trace and compare individual accounts of everyday life and events in Britain during this period. Later instalments include extensive entries from Nella Last and other key diarists who wrote across a spectrum of topics.
• Directives for 1948-1955.

Subjects History, Primary Source
Publisher Adam Matthew Digital
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