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Meiji Japan: The Edward Sylvester Morse Collection from the Phillips Library at the Peabody Essex Museum (Adam Matthew Digital)

Description The Edward Sylvester Morse Collection from the Phillips Library at the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem Edward S Morse (1838-1925) was a great polymath -- notable for his work in natural history, ethnography and art history -- but, perhaps most famous for his work in bringing Japan and the West closer together. He was one of the first Americans to live in Japan -- teaching science at the Imperial University of Tokyo -- and he devoted much of his life to the task of documenting life in Japan before it was transformed by Western modernization. In addition to preserving the household records of a samurai family and many accounts of the tea ceremony, Morse made notes on subjects as diverse as shop signs, fireworks, hairpins, agricultural tools, artists -- studios, music, games, printing, carpentry, the Ainu, gardens, household construction, art and architecture. An accomplished draughtsman, his pencil and ink drawings, enliven his diaries and correspondence and make his papers a pleasure to read. Former title: America Asia and the Pacific.
Subjects History, Pacific and Asian, Primary Source
Publisher Adam Matthew Digital
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