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Description Gale and the Smithsonian Institution have partnered to give libraries a unique opportunity to provide students, faculty, and researchers the chance to look behind the glass of the Smithsonian exhibits and collections.
Collections currently available:
World's Fairs and Expositions
Trade Liteature and the Merchandising of Industry
Smithsonian Magazine 1970-2010
Air & Space Magazine 1986-2010
Gale is digitizing primary source materials from deep within the museums, libraries, and archives of the world’s largest museum and research complex, making it available digitally, in searchable formats, and integrating it with software that aligns with scholarly workflow. The Smithsonian’s content is vast and unmatched. The digitized documents within Smithsonian Collections Online are rich in their ability to be the source of new and exciting scholarship. The multi-year partnership between Gale and Smithsonian will result in a program of archives that span multidisciplinary topics for both research and education.
Subjects History, Primary Source
Publisher Gale Digital Collections
Consortium Points to the Past
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Alumni Access No
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