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Description Titles included in Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) are based on the English Short Title Catalogue bibliography and are sourced from the extraordinary holdings of the British Library as well as other national, university, research, and public and private libraries. ECCO includes a variety of materials — from books and directories, Bibles, sheet music and sermons to advertisements — and works by many well-known and lesser-known authors, all providing a diverse collection of material for the researcher of the eighteenth century. Included are works from women writers of the eighteenth century; collections on the French Revolution; and numerous editions of the works of Shakespeare. Multiple editions of each individual work are offered to enable scholars to make textual comparisons of the works.
Subjects History, Literature, Primary Source
URL https://link.gale.com/apps/ECCO?u=uvictoria
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Consortium Points to the Past
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