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Queen's Printer plans to discontinue the QP LegalEze service. Starting on April 2, 2014, all content currently accessible on QP LegalEze will be moved to the BC Laws website (http://www.bclaws.ca/). The content will be available free of charge and will continue to be updated on the BC Laws website. Once all content has been moved, the QP LegalEze service will be discontinued. It is expected that the whole transition process will be complete in a few months. On April 2nd, current and historical Orders-in-Councils, Table of Legislative Changes, and Point in Time tables will be available on BC Laws. The site will be upgraded to include new features such as better search capability and the ability to create apps that can pull legislative data directly from the BC Laws website.

Subjects Government Publications, Law, Political Science, Public Administration
URL http://www.bclaws.ca/
Publisher Queen's Printer
Consortium ELN
Subscription Free
Alumni Access Yes
Open Access No